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What if You Wrote Everyday for a Year?

image of typewriter for writing daily
A sweet daily writing setup

I just listened to the podcast The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins and Andy Traub. The episode is called The Hidden Benefits to Writing Daily and Blogging Consistently. The funny thing is the episode was very powerful and as I listened to it I started thinking, yep, this is what I have to do. Writing everyday could be the secret I’ve been searching for.

Then I get home and I read an article. I do some more work on my two new websites – getting them setup on Google Search Console – and other easy tasks that make me feel like I’m working. I read some more articles.

Now it is almost midnight and the little voice comes a calling. Maybe it is Resistance, maybe it’s me being tired and knowing that even though tomorrow is Friday I have all the little things to do once again. Maybe it would be easier to just get on Twitter and feel like I’m doing something when deep down inside I know I’m not.

Writing Everyday

I know I should write everyday. I know that in order to become the writer I want to be I have to write everyday.

I know what good writing looks like. I know I don’t write that way yet. This Ira Glass video says it best.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Other than my daily habits like showering, brushing my teeth, eating too much, I can’t think of one thing I have done everyday other than read nonfiction books.

If I want to write nonfiction books I know I need to write everyday. Yet, I don’t.

I was pumped after listening to the podcast and yet still almost went to bed and resigned myself to the fact that I would start tomorrow when I wasn’t so tired, or I wasn’t so behind on email, or I wasn’t focused on this or that piece of nonsense.

Future You and Me

Then I thought about something.

I thought about September 15, 2017.

I thought about what it would feel like to look back a year from now and realize I had written for 365 days in a row.

What would it feel like to know everyday I put pen to paper, fingers to keys, brain to work and actually created stuff out of thin air?

How would my writing life look if I wrote everyday? How would yours?

Right now I can think of so many reasons why I won’t be able to make it. I could get sick, the boys could get sick, I could win the lottery, the boys could win the lottery.

The truth is it is easier to see why something won’t happen then it is to see why it will. Why it will happen means work and sacrifice and grit and determination and a little luck. Why it won’t happen just takes anything to happen and for us to give in to Resistance.

I don’t know if on September 15, 2017 I will be able to look back on 365 days of writing. I hope so, but I don’t know right now.

I do know this though.

I only have 364 more days to go. And that is enough for today.

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