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The Sunday Wrap-Up Volume 1.0

The Sunday Wrap-Up is the best of the best I consumed this week.

I started reading Examined Lives: From Socrates to Nietzsche by James Miller last night.

The book consists of twelve short biographical sketches of famous philosophers.

I immediately jumped to the chapter on Montaigne. I’ve been fascinated by him and his approach to living the good life through endless self-examination.

As Miller writes:

As he began to write in earnest, and as he continued to add to his essays as Erasmus had added to his Adages, Montaigne moved away from classical and modern precepts, and his work slowly turned into a novel search for self-knowledge, undertaken not through a close reading of canonic texts (though he quotes from many different kinds of texts), nor through adherence to any traditional set of virtues, whether pagan, Christian, or Machiavellian, but rather to an increasingly candid description and analysis of himself, and the world, as he directly experienced them.

“I am myself the matter of my book,” he declares at one point.

The more I think about it the more I come to the same conclusion.

The question I am trying to answer with this blog is: Is it possible to change a lifetime of habits, routines, behavior and thinking, and get better at life?

Every Sunday I will share the tools and resources I consumed over the past week to move me further down that path.


I read 16 articles, here are 4 that stood out:

The Best Way to Learn Anything: The Feynman Technique – Can’t wait to try out this technique.

Warren Buffett: The Problem With 200 Page Manuals on Behavior – Great insight on why brevity is crucial.

The Two Types of Knowledge: The Max Planck/Chauffeur Test – Fun story and important lesson on knowing something and Knowing something.

The AI Threat Isn’t Skynet. It’s the End of the Middle Class – I think more people should be talking about what AI is going to do to jobs. Read this article.


Here are the podcasts I’m listening to these days. Went on a Recode Media binge this week.

If there is a link to a particular show I highly recommend it.

Book Launch Show with Tim Grahl
What is an Author Platform?

Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
141: The Secret to Making $70,000 a Month from Your Book: Interview with Hal Elrod

Recode Decode

John Markoff

Recode Media

James Altucher

Skip Bayless – First time I heard an interviewee say they wouldn’t answer a question until the interviewer read his book.

Henry Blodget

Stephen Dubner – Dubner’s advice at the end was worth the listen.

Malcolm Gladwell

Brian Lam – I got the sense Lam kinda hates the company he built.

Dan Lyons – Go read Disrupted. You can thank me later.

James Andrew Miller

Keith Olbermann

David Remnick

Jay Rosen

Daniel Roth

Kara Swisher

Derek Thompson – Author of Hit Makers. Episode was full of interesting insights on “going viral”.

Jenna Wortham

The Minimalist

001 Declutter

The Moment

Evan McMullin – Just a great reminder of what respectful and informative political debate can sound like.


Stuff I loved this week.

Offscreen Dispatch (formerly The Modern Desk newsletter) – Such a beautiful, minimalist newsletter covering beautiful, minimalist tech products. Or, as they describe it: “A hand-picked selection of great apps, accessories, and articles in your inbox every Tuesday.”

The Investor’s Field Guide – The Book Club – Great recommendations on books.

Review Cast – My newest go-to podcast recommendation newsletter.

Aura – A free meditation app I’m test driving. Love it so far.


Ashley Judd – How online abuse of women has spiraled out of control

Jeff Speck – 4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable


Pinkcast 1.17: Why you should say “I don’t” instead of “I can’t.” – 93 seconds of great video from Dan Pink on why we need to drop “I can’t” and replace it with “I don’t”.


Sunday – Brain Pickings – May Sarton on the Artist’s Duty to Contact the Timeless in Tumultuous Times

Monday – Barking Up the Wrong Tree – This is How to Have a Happy Life

Tuesday – Farnam Street – Why Cross-Pollinating Your Work, Works

Wednesday – James Clear – The Paradox of Behavior Change

Thursday – Ryan Holiday – Why Ego is the Greatest Opponent

Friday – Darius Foroux – The Habits of Unproductive People

Saturday – Market Meditations – Shitty Days and How to Win Them

That’s it. The first edition of The Sunday Wrap-Up. I hope one (or more) of the links add value to your journey.

See you next week.

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