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A Self-Publishing Lesson from Legoland

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My family was lucky enough to spend the weekend at Legoland for my son’s birthday. We had never been there before and we had a blast. Besides the rides, the food and the weather, one thing stood out. It was a self-publishing lesson I know I can apply.

Above and Beyond

My wife and sons have to eat a relatively strict diet because of food allergies. This isn’t a decision based on preference or to be cool. If they eat certain foods they get sick.

Most places we go if the they have a gluten-free, dairy-free menu option it isn’t very tasty. Or, they are stuck with assorted fruits and veggies of varying quality.

This morning when we went to the buffet breakfast the hostess asked if we had any questions. My wife mentioned her allergies and probably expected the usual response. Most times it is either no or a limited selection.

Today the hostess surprised us both when she said she would get the chef. A few minutes later the chef walks out and escorts my wife through the buffet pointing out all the options. After bringing my wife back she asked if she could prepare anything special for her and my kids. My wife asked for gluten-free french toast.

Soon after the chef returned herself with two plates of french toast and then asked if we wanted powdered sugar on either one.

Talk about amazing service and going above and beyond.

The Self-Publishing Lesson

What Legoland did, what the hostess did, what the chef did was truly exceptional. They took what is typically a mundane, daily activity – asking what you can eat on the menu – and turned it into something memorable.

When someone asks how was our vacation we will share the usual details. We will also share the unique experience of our chef walking us through the menu.

As I was thinking about this I realized eating at a restaurant is similar to reading a book. We’ve all done it before and have come to expect a certain experience.

The self-publishing lesson though is what could we do to make our reader’s experience memorable? What could we do to take the mundane and make it something our readers would tell others about?

A Few Self-Publishing Ideas

What if every chapter came with a content upgrade that was unique to that chapter?
Could you offer a reading list of all the books you used to write your book? How about a short synopsis of each book and what you learned from it?

What if someone who joined your mailing list received every book you ever wrote for free?

These might not be original ideas that can revolutionize the self-publishing industry. The point though is to offer something, do something or include something with your books that is so outside the norm to make it memorable.

That chef didn’t have to take time out of her busy schedule to show my wife around. Because she did though she made our good vacation a little better and taught me a lesson on the power of looking out for your customer.

What have you done today to do that for your readers?

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