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My Self-Publishing Journey So Far

self-publishing journey

This blog is a record of my self-publishing journey and I haven’t talked about publishing yet. Today I want to share where I’ve been, what my platform looks like today and goals going forward.

Self-Publishing History

I have self-published four Kindle books in the past. They covered topics such as time management, confidence for introverts, gratitude and how to conduct effective meetings.

None of them are currently on Amazon.

The quality was not high. I did all the writing and editing and cover design myself.

The writing was OK, the editing should have been done professionally and the cover was OK, but not jaw dropping.

I learned the ins and outs of uploading e-books, how to write an effective book description and all the little things that need to be done to get a book into Amazon.

That was almost two years ago. Two years ago I thought I had Kindle publishing figured out. Fast forward to today and there isn’t much I would do the same. That is the reason I pulled the books.

I’ve seen plenty of books that were worse than mine. The problem is I saw a whole bunch that were better.

I fell into the trap of writing quickly and waiting for the market to tell me what I needed to improve. The issue was if you don’t do the writing, editing and marketing well you will get lumped in with all the other Kindle authors who take the easy way to publishing.

Self-Publishing Today

I set a goal for myself at the beginning of 2016 to publish six Kindle books. It is late September 2016 and I’ve published nothing.

I have plenty of unfinished manuscripts, tons of research notes and I’ve read over 100 books this year. Yet I have nothing selling on Amazon today.

I can give you every excuse out there – I’m busy, I have kids, the books need to be better, a dog ate my homework – but if I’m being honest there is one reason.

I’m afraid I’ll pour everything I have into my next book and it will fail. Worse yet what if nobody reads it and it fails alone and by itself in the wilds of Amazon.

I finally decided that I would use this blog as not only an educational resource for all those self-published authors coming after me, but as my own accountability partner.

How can you blog about your author journey if you never publish? That would be like a chef who writes a cookbook but can’t turn on a stove and never cooks.

I know I have about 1,000 things I need to get better at when it comes to self-publishing. But I didn’t learn to ride a bike, swim or drive a car by reading about it, I went out and did it.

With the help of this blog that is what I mean to do.

My Self-Publishing Future.

Jeff Goins made a great point on his podcast recently. People tell him that they could write a book. He tells them that to really find out if you have a book or something else you should write three blog posts about it.

If you finish those three posts and you have much more to say you might have a book in there somewhere. If you don’t you might have had a good idea for a blog post and now you know without spending the time and effort to find out otherwise.

I’m going to take him up on that and write three blog posts about my next book idea. I think it is worthy of a book but I’ll use his three post idea to find out.

The worst that could happen is I realize I need to try something else. The best that can happen is Jeff reads my three posts and begs me to publish that book.

A new author can dream, right?

I’m starting to work on those posts today, but tomorrow I’ll talk about my daily writing routine and offer some tips for all those stay-at-home parents trying to tap into their inner author between diaper duty and folding onesies.

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