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A Shortlist of Podcast Episodes Worth Your Time – 2/26/17

How do you find the podcast episodes worth your time?

I’m sure you have your favorites, but here are a few I listened to last week that are worth your time and attention.

I also listed some TED Talks that I found educational.


2/26/17 – Sunday

The Tim Ferriss Show – #224: The Random Show – podcast

Actionable Advice: get a better perspective on life, read or watch anything by BJ Miller (see below).

TED Talk – BJ Miller – What Really Matters at the End of Life – video

Actionable Advice: baking cookies can be quite powerful.

2/25/17 – Saturday

The Gently Mad – TGM28: Pat Flynn on Staying True To Yourself In A Sleazy World – podcast

Actionable Advice: achieve amazing success by being truthful, humble and a family man. Love me some Pat Flynn.

Planet Money – #756: The Bees Go To California – podcast

Actionable Advice: technology can’t solve every problem.

TED Talk – Tristan Harris – How Better Tech Could Protect Us from Distraction – video

Actionable Advice: we are not the customer for tech companies, advertisers are. We need to take back our attention and focus on the stuff that matters to us.

Recode Decode – Time Well Spent founder Tristan Harris on Recode Decode – podcast

Actionable Advice: listen to the last 5 minutes to get his three small changes you can make to get your attention back.

2/24/17 – Friday

Book Launch Show – Email Marketing and Book Launches – podcast

Actionable Advice: OK, OK, OK…I get it, the money is in the list.

Too Embarrassed to Ask – Do I Need to Pay for Multiple Cloud Services? – podcast

Actionable Advice: first part of podcast sounded like extended ad for guest. Because cloud services are tied to each company’s ecosystem of products you will probably need to pay for multiple services until some kid in a dorm “disrupts” this industry as well.

2/23/17 – Thursday

Recode Media – Adapting popular books is harder than it looks, screenwriter Scott Frank says – podcast

Actionable Advice: watch this Frank’s movies. And a great time to be maker and consumer with all those $ flowing into creating interesting projects.

Startup – #5 How to Name Your Company – podcast

Actionable Advice: I like Gimlets. And Startup continues to impress in how it pulls back the curtain on all the stuff that goes into founding a company that nobody ever thinks about.

2/22/17 – Wednesday

The Moment – Jon Acuff on His Slow, Painful, Personal Do Over – podcast

Actionable Advice: Acuff’s story about talking to his 13-year old self is inspiring.

Planet Money – When the Boats Arrive – podcast

Actionable Advice: sometimes what really happens can be the opposite of what you think will happen.

2/21/17 – Tuesday

Too Embarrassed to Ask – Time for some digital spring cleaning: How to organize your tech life – podcast

Actionable Advice: go sign up for I’ll wait here…

Too Embarrassed to Ask – Should you upgrade your laptop, or love the one you’ve got? – podcast

Actionable Advice: like most hard questions, it depends. But some good advice here.

Planet Money – The Phone at the End of the World – podcast

Actionable Advice: How Argentina did at making itself great again.

The Moment – Marcus Samuelsson on The Red Rooster Cookbook and Capturing the Essence of Harlem – podcast

Actionable Advice: if you want to be great at something, anything, listen to Samuelsson. It’s all there.

Too Embarrassed to Ask – Artificial intelligence companies need our data. Can we stop giving it away for free? – podcast

Actionable Advice: AI discussion for the rest of us.

2/20/17 – Monday

Slow day on Monday. What can I say, it was a holiday.

So there you have it. The best podcast episodes worth your time that I heard last week. I hope you find one that grabs your attention.

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