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New Nonfiction Books – November 2016

A Quick Message

Every month I scour the internet from top to bottom - no, really the whole thing - looking for the best nonfiction books being published that month.

Here are the best new nonfiction books from September 2016 and October 2016 if you don't believe me.

These are the books that any fan of nonfiction will want to check out and see if they should add them to their library. I hope this helps!

Losing Isn't Everything - Curt Menefee & Michael Arkush

Lessons and stories behind the epic failures that live forever in sports fan’s minds.

Casanova - Laurence Bergreen

Like Levert, I ain’t much on Casanova, but his life looks amazing and this book looks worth a read.

Countdown to Pearl Harbor - Steve Twomey

The 12 days leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor and the many factors and assumptions that led to this American tragedy.

The Spy Who Couldn't Spell - Yudhijit Bhattacharjee

A detailed accounting of the FBI’s hunt for Brian Regan.

God, Wasps and Stranglers - Mike Shanahan

How fig trees affected human history and offer hope for our future.

Final Solution - David Cesarani

A sprawling history of European Jews that challenges some commonly accepted beliefs.

Culloden - Trevor Royle

A look at the last major battle held on British soil between English and Scottish forces.

The Revenge of Analog - David Sax

Maybe real stuff still matters in the age of apps, algorithms and AI.

An Extraordinary Time - Marc Levinson

How the boom years of the 1950’s and 1960’s spoiled a nation and led directly to today’s political, social and economic climate.

Payoff - Dan Ariely

Ariely writes a book, you read it, you get smarter. It is that simple. This one is on the complexity of motivation.

Snake - Mike Freeman

A new biography of the best quarterback ever. Said the diehard Raider fan.

Bellevue - David Oshinsky

A narrative history of New York’s iconic hospital.

The Platinum Age of Television - David Bianculli

The artistic evolution of modern television and why binge-watching became a national pastime.

The Social Organism - Oliver Luckett & Michael Casey

How social media and memes mimic real organisms and what that means for the future of culture, society and the internet.

A Most Improbable Journey - Walter Alvarez

Big History written by an acclaimed scientist that explains the big events that led to modern life.

The Unnatural World - David Biello

A guidebook on what must be done to save planet Earth.

Wonderland - Steven Johnson

OK, I’ll say it. Johnson is not playing around when he talks about how play and amusement helped make the modern world.

Rules for Revolutionaries - Becky Bond & Zack Exley

22 rules to drive massive social and political change with minimal resources.

Six Figure Author - Chris Fox

Leveraging Amazon to build your author platform and sell more books.

Thank You for Being Late - Thomas L. Friedman

How technology, globalization and Mother Nature are changing our world for better and worse and how to deal with it without losing our perspective.

Rasputin - Douglas Smith

A comprehensive biography that aims to set the record straight on this legendary figure.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss - Stephen Guise

Forget diets and use small changes to finally lose weight the right way.

American Commander - Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke commanded SEAL Team Six. If you want to learn something about leadership he is probably someone worth listening to.

The Pursuit of Power - Richard J. Evans

A narrative history of Europe from Napoleon to the beginning of World War I.

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