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How to Get Organized

How to get organized is probably not something you struggle with. I bet you have a good idea what it takes to be organized.

You know you should put stuff (both physical and digital) back where you got it from.

You also know that too much stuff only leads to feeling overwhelmed, a life of clutter and eventually a life out of control.

And I imagine you have cleaned up your office, your kitchen and maybe even your closets once or twice in your life.

You know all this and yet you are still disorganized the majority of the time.

Why is that?

Not Knowledge, Execution

The 12 Week Year includes this devastating analysis of the diet industry:

Sixty-five percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Do you think there is some secret to losing weight and getting fit? The diet and fitness industry is a $60 billion industry. Each year new books are published on diet and exercise. When I searched “diet books” on the Internet my search came back with 45,915 results. Almost 46,000 books; some with familiar titles like The Atkins Diet , or South Beach Diet , some with less familiar titles like Run Fat B!tch Run. Yet Americans continue to be overweight and out of shape. Most people know how to get back in shape—eat better, exercise more—they just don’t do it. It’s not a knowledge problem; it’s an execution problem.

I couldn’t agree more.

We know if we spent the time to do the little things every day we would not find ourselves overwhelmed by stuff.

Yet we don’t do it, do we?

How do we take that common knowledge about organization and execute?

How about we forget about organization and focus on time?

Two Times

Ryan Holiday wrote this in a recent post about his mentor, Robert Greene:

According to bestselling author Robert Greene, there are two types of time in our lives: dead time, when people are passive and waiting, and alive time, when people are learning and acting and utiliz­ing every second. Every moment of failure, every moment or situation that we did not deliberately choose or control, presents this choice: Alive time. Dead time.

How much alive time did you experience today?

When you feel like the wheels are coming off and everything in your life is disorganized, does that feel like alive time?

OK, we need to feel alive. We need to use every moment we have to learn, and act and utilize and yes, execute.

But how?

Here is what I do and I’ve never felt more alive.

How to Get Organized Every Day

I don’t know where I came across this quote, but I have it on autorepeat in my head every second of every day.

It goes like this:

Somebody once told me the definition of hell. On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.

Every second of every day I reignite my alive time by trying to make 100% sure when those two people meet they are the same person.

You want to know how to get organized? You want to know how to accomplish anything in your life?

Do the same thing. Every day. Every second. Until you can’t anymore.

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