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Where to Find Blog Post Ideas

person looking through binoculars is like looking for blog post ideas

How to find blog post ideas should be simple. With unlimited resources at our fingertips, how can good ideas be in short supply? Yet, we all struggle at times with finding something to write about.

I’ve started to use these ten resources when I run into an idea roadblock. As an added bonus, seeing how these sites use headlines to sell the prospective reader has upped my copywriting skills.

Remember, good artists borrow and great artists steal. Even when it comes to blogging.

10 Sites to Find Blog Post Ideas

1 – Buzzfeed
Buzzfeed cornered the market on clickbait titles. Some say it is the beginning of the end for culture as we know it. Others say I need another cat gif. Either way, it is the go-to resource for what is popular on the interwebs.

2 – Upworthy
Like Buzzfeed, Upworthy is a great resource to see what is hot and going viral on the internet. Once you find something interesting there, read this post on Videofruit on his Newsjacking Strategy to get your epic post the coverage it deserves.

3 – Alltop
Alltop is a huge resource to find out what is popular not only in general but also by topic. If you write about a specific topic Alltop probably has a page devoted to blogs in that field.


4 – Quora
Quora is based on using crowdsourcing to answer questions. Put simply, you drive traffic to your blog by being helpful and answering reader’s questions is easy using Quora as a filter to find blog post ideas.

5 – YouTube
YouTube is the second largest search engine so you know if it is popular on YouTube it is popular. Searching the trending page will show you what has piqued viewers interest and give you post ideas.

6 – reddit
reddit is known as the front page of the internet. The culture of reddit abhors self-promotion so most content that gets upvoted is there because it deserves to be.

7 – Pocket
Millions of people save interesting content to Pocket every day. Pocket offers a newsletter to send you the most popular content every day.

8 – Buffer
Like Pocket, Buffer helps users share their most interesting and valuable content to social media. Using their new service through Revue you can get a weekly email that shows you the top articles shared that week.

9 – Feedly
Stop overloading your bookmarks bar and save every interesting site you come across to Feedly. That way when you are ready to read the good stuff or just skim for interesting content you can do it on your terms when you want.

10 – Twitter Search
Twitter Search is an underused component of this social media platform and can be your secret weapon when looking for great content. You can also use a service like nuzzel to see what the people you following are sharing.

11 – Udemy
I just found this hack recently. Find a popular course on Udemy and scan the table of contents. Each video usually solves a particular problem which can offer you ideas on what you should be blogging about.

So there it is. 10 quick and easy tips to use the next time you are struggling to find blog post ideas.

As I find more resources I’ll be sure to add them.

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