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10 Tips on Asking for Book Reviews

person typing asking for book reviews

I don’t have that many book reviews on Amazon, around 78. However, I do get asked to do book reviews at least once a week. Asking for book reviews doesn’t take you reinventing the wheel. Just follow these simple tips and those reviews will start pouring in. OK, at least trickling.

Here are ten mistakes I see self-published authors make over and over when asking for book reviews.

Top Ten Mistakes

1 – Have a great, not good, subject line

I don’t know you. I might think your email is spam. Give me a reason in the first five seconds to open your email. If you don’t I won’t even click. This might sound impossible, but with practice you can get better. Start at Copyblogger if you want to get good, fast.

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A Self-Publishing Lesson from Legoland

lego character

My family was lucky enough to spend the weekend at Legoland for my son’s birthday. We had never been there before and we had a blast. Besides the rides, the food and the weather, one thing stood out. It was a self-publishing lesson I know I can apply.

Above and Beyond

My wife and sons have to eat a relatively strict diet because of food allergies. This isn’t a decision based on preference or to be cool. If they eat certain foods they get sick.

Most places we go if the they have a gluten-free, dairy-free menu option it isn’t very tasty. Or, they are stuck with assorted fruits and veggies of varying quality.

This morning when we went to the buffet breakfast the hostess asked if we had any questions. My wife mentioned her allergies and probably expected the usual response. Most times it is either no or a limited selection.

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