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Category: Organization

How to Get Organized

How to get organized is probably not something you struggle with. I bet you have a good idea what it takes to be organized. You know you should put stuff (both physical and digital) back where you got it from.…

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The Courage to Change

What does it take to have the courage to change? Elizabeth Gilbert writes in Big Magic about an inspirational professor named Jack Gilbert and the effect he had on one student’s life: But I will never forget what the real…

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Stress and Disorganization

What is the connection between stress and disorganization? Why do we feel anxious when things are disorganized? How can dirty dishes, dirty laundry and messy rooms cause us so much emotional angst? This is one of the questions I was…

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Time for Organization

Who has time for organization? Getting organized is hard. Staying organized is harder. What if organization could give us time? I need to reiterate that this Monthly Experiment on organization is about getting started and not a one time fix.…

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