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New Nonfiction Books – September 2016

new nonfiction books - September 2016

I’m a huge fan of reading list newsletters. A few of my favorites are Ryan Holiday, Adam Grant and Steve Rushing. However, other than Adam Grant providing some recommendations on new releases, I haven’t found anyone who highlights new nonfiction books that are coming out monthly.

So I’m trying to fix that.

I scour the usual sites like Amazon, Publisher’s Weekly and iBooks for new nonfiction books that pique my interest. I also keep a running list on Google docs of any books that I’m looking forward to as they cross my radar. As of today my list extends to June 2017.

So here are my top recommendations for the best new nonfiction books coming out in September 2016.

If you know of any nonfiction books that I missed that are in similar categories let me know on Twitter at GLRWriter.

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