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How to Build a Unique Website

image of computer and how to build a unique website

Here is the question: how to build a unique website?

Back in 2010 there were less than 250 million sites. Today we are well over one billion.

With that much information getting generated by that many sites, how do we stand out? How do we build a unique website that speaks to people?

How to be Unique

For me, tracking everything I learn and come across on my self-publishing journey will be different than anyone else’s. It will be different because it will be my own experience. But to think nobody has done this type of thing before is silly.

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The Author Platform Trap

image of car stuck
Does building your author platform feel like this sometimes?

I’m trying to build my author platform from scratch. I guess how else would I build it but from the beginning right? The problem I have is I have 10,000 ideas and no time.

Right now it is 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night and I’m just starting my daily writing. I usually write during my boy’s nap time, but my youngest was fussy today and didn’t sleep his usual couple of hours. Like most days something came up and my writing saw the short end of the stick.

I know, boo hoo me.

I did have time to listen to a short podcast today and found a system that I have to try to get my 500 daily words written. In yesterday’s post I linked to Jeff Goins’ podcast The Portfolio Life and how I wanted to take on his challenge to write 500 words per day.

In today’s episode 3 Writing Habits, Blogs, and Books You Need to Succeed as a Writer Jeff talked about his Three-Bucket System and how it can help any author hit their daily word goals.

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