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The Best Nonfiction Books I Read in November 2016


The best nonfiction books I read in November include many of the books I’ve found researching my upcoming Kindle books. I try to read as widely as I can, but between the research for my books and all the moving parts of trying to build an online platform, it can get overwhelming.

I’ll have more organized reading habits in 2017.

I did notice after reviewing the books I read in November that the mix between research, digital and content marketing and Kindle publishing stayed consistent with the last few months.

As always, I’ll only share the books worth your time and attention. These are only the best nonfiction books I read. I’ll spare you all the ones I started and quickly discarded to the Never TBR pile.

Email Management

I’ve almost finished writing my email management book and Chris A. Baird’s book was helpful in reminding me of the little things we can all do to up our email organization on a daily basis.

One simple idea that stuck with me after reading his book was not to use email as a to-do list.

How many times have you read an email and decided you would get back to it later when you had more time?

It is a simple idea but powerful if you make it part of your daily email workflow.

Digital Marketing

Zarrella’s book gave great advice on why ideas get popular on social media. Anyone trying to make sense of social would learn from this book.

The following stood out the most to me:

When I’ve conducted focus groups or surveys about why people read blogs, the respondents have told me the same thing over and over again. What they’re interested in is the author’s unique point of view, the perspective that only that specific person could have. Talk as yourself, not about yourself.

That last sentence should be printed above every blogger’s computer screen. I know I’ve struggled with finding my voice, but it is the only thing that is going to separate me from the millions of others out there trying to get heard.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I’ve started studying local SEO recently and may launch a local service helping businesses make sense of search engine optimization. Just a side project at this point.

Perry and Singleton’s book did a great job of explaining the basics and what it takes to move up the search engine rankings on a local basis.

Social Media Marketing

I read two Michael Clarke books in November and both were full of great tips. His writing style is conversational, he provides actionable examples and I look forward to reading the rest of his books in his Punk Rock Marketing Collection.

His book on Pinterest got me so motivated I started a 30-Day Experiment to see how much I can build my audience on that platform.

I plan to write a detailed post about that next month.

Content Marketing

Duistermaat’s book on seductive web copy was what you would expect from an experienced copywriter. She does a great job of walking the reader through situations we have all faced when trying to write persuasive copy. I liked the book so much I immediately subscribed to her email list.

It was definitely one of those books that reminds you that you have so far to go to get as good as the author. That can be both inspiring and demotivating depending on how you look at it.

Kindle Publishing

I’ll probably never read one of Wayne Stinnett’s fiction books. Just not my type. But if he writes another book on how to self-publish I’ll buy it the day it comes out.

He takes you on his journey from blue collar worker to super successful author and tells you straight what you should and shouldn’t do on your own author journey.

What I said for Stinnett holds true for Chris Fox’s fiction. Unlike Stinnett, Fox has a large backlist of nonfiction books on self-publishing that are required reading for anyone trying to make a living with their words.

He is an open book and his more technical and research-driven perspective on self-publishing is new and refreshing when so many authors are telling the same stories.

Parting Thoughts

So those were the best nonfiction books I read in November.

(Full Disclosure: the links below are affiliate links. If you purchase one of those books – most are on Kindle Unlimited – I get compensated from Amazon. Which I will use to buy more books).

You’ve Got (Too Much) Mail! – Chris A. Baird

Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness – Dan Zarrella

Local SEO – Ray L. Perry & Phil Singleton

Video Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy – Michael Clarke

How to Write Seductive Web Copy – Henneke Duistermaat

Blue Collar to No Collar – Wayne Stinnett

Pinterest Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy – Michael Clarke

Six Figure Author – Chris Fox


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