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Beginner Self-Publishing Roadmap

A map and tools for your beginner self-publishing roadmap
Your roadmap to indie author success

I have three goals for the weekly series Beginner Self-Publishing Roadmap.

One, I want to share all the great resources I come across on a weekly basis. I know you are busy and finding time to write is priority #1. Priority #2 should be how to build your author platform. That is where the Beginner Self-Publishing Roadmap comes in.

I hope the articles, podcasts, webinars, etc. that I share every week will help you pick and choose where you want to spend your valuable time to learn the ins and outs of author platform building.

Two, I have the bad habit of reading, watching or listening to helpful, valuable content and knowing that what I’m learning could change my business. Too often though I don’t act on that information and it goes to waste.

The Roadmap then will serve as my virtual to-do list of actions I need to take to continue to build the best author platform I can. I’ll share the best of what I come across and after I implement whatever takeaways I pull from each resource I’ll share my results as well.

Third, I read constantly about the highlights (and lowlights) of someone’s journey to entrepreneurial and author success. What I want to know is what exactly they did to achieve what they have. I know what worked for them may not work for me. However, specific activities done over the period of years are more helpful to me (and I hope you) then platitudes about positive thinking and the power of attraction.

So here is issue one of the Beginner Self-Publishing Roadmap. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at GLRWriter.

Author SEO Articles

(Case Study) This Newsjacking Strategy = 2,000,000 Visitors

Bryan Harris at VideoFruit shares his Letterman Technique where you jump onto a popular story and tie it in to your blog or website. He gives a detailed breakdown of how this strategy got a candidate elected as mayor in Birmingham, AL.

57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016: A Sumo-Sized Guide

If you’ve spent any time with WordPress you know plugins are one of the many reasons it is the CMS of choice. I’m going through this list one by one and determining if each one makes sense for my site.

Awesome! 16 Powerful SEO Copywriting Secrets (That Work Fast)

Maybe the best article I read all week. Powerful tips to raise the quality and engagement of your blog writing.

(Case Study) This SEO Checklist = 48.7% More Organic Traffic

I quickly learned that Backlinko goes deep into their case studies and are full of powerful information.

Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide

This article included a huge pdf download that I’m gladly still working through.

White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Get a #1 Ranking

More awesomeness from Backlinko. This is a must visit daily site.

SEO 101: Optimize Your Images and Make Them #SEO Rockstars in 4 Steps

I’m just starting to add content to my site so I want to make sure I get my SEO right, including optimizing my images.

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Images for Search

See above.

Writing Craft Articles

How to Get Your Writing Done Every Day: The Three-Bucket System

Jeff Goins system was so persuasive (Idea capture, write, edit) that I went out and bought Drafts app.

Platform Books

Author Digital Courses

Revise With Confidence – Joan Dempsey


Podcast Episodes

Jeff Goins’ podcast The Portfolio Life took up a good amount of my podcast listening time this week. I listened to:

102: How to Know if You Have a Good Idea for a BookWebinars

118: 3 Writing Habits, Blogs, and Books You Need to Succeed as a Writer

120: The Hidden Benefits to Writing Daily and Blogging Consistently

I also listened to a few great podcasts on content marketing, digital marketing and blogging:

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu -#1: Where to Learn Marketing

Smart Passive Income -SPI 214: How to Master Content Marketing with Neil Patel

ProBlogger.Podcast – PB137: Challenge – 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back


Launch a Bestseller – Tim Grahl

How to Crack the Code to #1 Amazon Best Seller Rankings – Tom Corson-Knowles

Apps of the Week

Drafts – great for idea capture as recommended by Jeff Goins

Hardbound – from their app, “Each week, we create a new illustrated story that teaches you something fascinating about the world.”

There you have it. That is what I read, watched and learned last week. Again, if you want to deep dive into any of it let me know on Twitter at GLRWriter. Hope all of this or one of these helps you on your author platform building journey.


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