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Beginner Self-Publishing Roadmap Vol 1.2

A map and tools for your beginner self-publishing roadmap
Your roadmap to indie author success

Here is Vol. 1.2 of the beginner self-publishing roadmap. Enjoy.


Level Up Your Life – Steve Kamb (audiobook)

I don’t listen to many audiobooks – straight Kindle app on my iPhone son – but this book by the founder of was a great deal and impossible to pass up.


The 5P Approach to Copy that Crushes It

Downloaded this free ebook from My.Copyblogger (their free online education site) and plan to read all the books in their archive.


Cite This For Me

I’m all about attribution and as I write more Kindle books I’m looking for easy ways to cite all the works I use to write my books, blog posts and any other writing I may do.


Nice Chrome extension that allows you to switch between Twitter accounts. I wish I had one main account, but I wanted to separate my self-publishing platform building tweets from my Kindle books.


Special Text Boxes

I want cool text boxes like Brian Dean uses on Backlinko. This is my first attempt at making my posts purty like Brian’s. Sometimes I do wonder though are text boxes really going to help me build an author platform or email list with thousands of subs? Probably not, but it is fun playing designer once in awhile.

WP Limit Login Attempts

I’ve started to take my WordPress security more seriously recently and this plugin recommended on the Smart Passive Income podcast was my first addition to my nascent digital fortress.

WP Smush

I’ve read in multiple places that site load times is one of Google’s ranking factors. Since I get all my images from Pablo by Buffer (and they can be large files) I figured I needed a plugin to minimize these file sizes. This is a freemium plugin but I’m sticking with the free version until I see a need to pay for premium features.


Authority Hacker

Gael and Mark at Authority Hacker want to cut through the bull around building authority sites and generating real passive income. Based on their deep experience and continuous quest to figure out what it takes to build sites that rank every podcast episode is a masterclass in internet marketing.

The Authority Site Model 2016 Edition – How To Start An Authority Blog That Matters

Mark & Gael discuss the pros and cons of authority sites. One piece of advice that stood out was Mark’s imploring authority site owners to think about making money from their site from the beginning. He admitted he had failed to do this in the past and it was something he regretted.

The Authority Hacker Podcast Intro Show

Nice introduction to Mark & Gael and their backstory.


Tim Paige of Leadpages runs this podcast that is dedicated to the metrics of what works in converting visitors into leads and sales. This short-form podcast on case studies is required listening for anyone tasked with generating conversions on their site. They really need to redesign their podcast page to make episodes more searchable.

How Shiv Narayanan Got 5,000 Subscribers In One Week

Clickbait title that offered an episode with no real value to new and beginner bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

Why Derek Halpern Says You Should STOP Split Testing Right Now (And Do This Instead…)

Finally, someone telling it like it is and speaking truth. I know I don’t have enough traffic for any split test to tell me anything worthwhile. I love Derek Halpern. And kudos to Conversion Cast for bringing someone on who doesn’t have an opinion.

Marketing School with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

A quick, strategy and tactics filled podcast on digital marketing. Most episodes run under 10 minutes which makes this a great choice for busy entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Neil & Eric’s Favorite Marketing Tools that Save Time | Ep. #53

Neil and Eric rapidly covered their favorite marketing tools. Some weren’t directly tied to marketing but could make you more productive in getting your job done.

The Best Way to Research New Blog Topics | Ep. #52

Seems they had some overlap with this episode and #44. Helpful tips though.

How to Get a Lot of Traffic to Your Site without Building Links | Ep. #51

Don’t remember anything noteworthy.

Neil & Eric’s Personal Strategies for Creating Successful Blogs | Ep. #44
Helpful tips on using Buzzsumo, Google Trends and Feedly to generate blog topics. Neil also shared great tip on seeing what competitor’s post don’t work and staying away from that kind of content topic.

Niche Pursuits Podcast

Spencer Haws has seen it all when it comes to build niche websites and luckily for us he shares the ups and the downs of his journey. His honesty and relentless experimentation moves anyone who listens to his podcast or reads his blog up the learning curve and closer to digital success.

Podcast 44: Content Marketing and Traffic Tips from Neil Patel

This interview seemed shaky. The questions asked were somewhat obvious and nothing stood out as particularly helpful.

Podcast 55: How Brian Dean Grew a Thriving Blog with Less Content and More Promotion

Good insights into Brian Dean’s template for creating epic content and promoting it in a non-pushy way. Aligns with what Derek Halpern preaches.

Podcast 73: How to Make a Successful Website Using Long Tail Keywords: A Discussion of 6 Real Life Examples

Because they didn’t share specific websites it seemed this episode lacked useful tactics.

ProBlogger Podcast

Like Darren Rowse of ProBlogger says, if you want to start a blog, publish amazing content and grow that blog to generate income his site is a go-to resource.

PB138: Challenge: Create a List Post

ProBlogger had a 7-day blogging challenge to help its listeners breathe some new life into their blogging. This episode covered the ins and outs of list posts and was full of helpful tactics.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income is a go-to resource for anyone trying to build their online business. His interviews with internet entrepreneurs and digital professionals are laid back, full of actionable advice and always geared toward helping his audience succeed in their business.



Write your blog posts on Google Docs and immediately import them (fully formatted by they way) to WordPress? Sign me up pronto. Coolest publishing tool I’ve seen this year.

Blog Post Headline Analyzer

Type in your headline and see if it is optimized to get social shares, traffic and seo goodness.

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